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What Journalists Say About Kneeland

“News is hard. It’s always been hard. But the new age of media, the 24/7 availability, and the pressure to perfect the work-life balance…it can seem overwhelming. Kneeland gave me the skills to tackle all of this…and more!”

“Carole Kneeland set a high standard for news directors to meet. This program reminds us all that what we do is important, and doing it well is a sacred responsibility both for our audience and our employees. This is our calling, and Kneeland reignited that flame.”

“This program should give everyone not just hope, but assurance, that American journalism is alive, healthy and in very good hands. Every one of these participants will go back to their newsrooms and apply what they’ve learned, ensuring the Kneeland reach will be far and wide.”

“When you hear other participants refer to this training as “life changing,” that is a high bar. These four days have exceeded my expectations. There is no “how to” manual for news directors and most of us are left to figure it out on our own. This kind of training is invaluable. What I learned will benefit me and my newsroom for years to come.”

“Change is the only constant in television news. The Kneeland Project gives managers the tools they need to become leaders of change.”

The Kneeland Project gives newsrooms the tools they need to be more successful, cover their communities better and add diverse voices into their news coverage. Our Kneeland2Go videos will help you do all those things and more. .

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